A Black Mirror Future

It wasn’t long ago that my Yemeni friend in Malaysia introduced me to this NetFlix series, of course, being the picky potato that I am,  I was rather reluctant as I was still recovering from a failed X-Files binge (iFlix why!) But due to his persistence and my curiosity, I signed myself up for a NetFlix account after work.

For those who are unfamiliar, Black Mirror is a British science fiction anthology series that deals with the dark side of integrating man and machine – think of it as Big Brother but in the Twilight Zone.




Will we find ourselves in a similar room soon?

A Black Mirror Future

For many of us, humanity has a long way to go to reach the same grandeur similar to that of what we see in Black Mirror,  in fact, we are much more closer to the brink of extinction rather than a technological renaissance.  However,  know that we are already living in a Black Mirror world; well, minus the MASS system and new world order. Yet, how close are we indeed to a world like that of in Black Mirror?

A More Social Social Media

We are surrounded by black mirrors in our daily lives nowadays, from TV screens, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and even smart watches. We are truly connected to each other more than ever, yet although subtle, we spend more of our time immersed in validating our virtual lives in social media rather than of the actual events in our world; so much so that we spend so much time in keeping up with things that are of little or no relevance to us just so we could keep up with the trends and happenings in our world today.

Blurred Lines between Reality and Fantasy

What really pulled me and perhaps, several others into the show was of how real it all seemed, one moment I was sitting transfixed on my phone, the next moment I was watching a certain politician sign his first ever Executive Order that made waves all over the world. (Don’t worry, nothing in the likes of bestiality has happened yet or is there?)

Indeed, technology has significantly enhanced our lives over the past decade making everything available at the touch of our fingertips, broken down barriers in communication thus making our world seemingly intertwined as if almost by magic yet despite these advancements, technology has also pulled many of us into the murky darkness.

Our dependence with technology is not without its downsides, indeed it has helped mankind reach the farthest and deepest of land, air, sea, and even space yet it has also alienated us from each other, most if not many of us would rather hold on to biased and incorrect information rather than seek the truth hidden underneath several layers of filtered alternate facts. Also because of this, we have succumbed to become thoughtless and formless vessels who would digest everything we can lay our hands on. In fact, also because of the availability of gadgets at our disposal, many of us have become de-synthesized to the world around us, only caring about ourselves and what our followers think of us.

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