Robots At Your Service

Online shopping is not a new concept, in fact, it has been around since the first model of computers and similar devices were made, however, since the emergence of handheld devices, smartphones, tablets, and even wearable technology, this increased the demand for online purchases in no less than a few years thus making it hard for most companies to come up with a customer service plan that sticks. Because of this, many companies are having a hard time getting their customer’s orders in time by not forsaking the human side in business.

Human Business

The internet has made many if not almost all businesses seemingly connected, establishing yourself out there has never been easier and indeed does help in boosting revenues, however, while automation has helped, those who are not very tech-savvy suffer.  It has been reported that 70-80 % of consumers trust online reviews for their purchases, businesses who are not technologically inclined will suffer since they do not have reviews, but even these businesses suffer.

Despite many businesses claiming that they have the best customer service in the world, this wouldn’t be possible without cutting off some processes and yes, even people in your customer service. Many of us will quickly buy from a shop that has 5 star reviews but also many of us won’t buy if any sales representative from our favorite brand will talk to us too coldly. Sure, canned responses make the ordering or booking process faster however, many of us fail to realize that by doing this, we are alienating our customers from us, this also causes confusion between both sides when a problem arises. As much as we hate to admit it, no matter how annoying that live chat window is, we consumers still prefer to have a human being help us out from the other side of the screen.

 From Production Line 

It’s not surprising to find robots in the production line of various factories around the world especially in highly industrialized countries, now before you protest and panic over an impending robot apocalypse, know that not all machines will replace us, for now.  These robots do help in speeding up our production and lessen the load of jobs that are too dangerous for us human.


To the Sky and Right on Your Doorstep

With the kind of technology we have today, there’s bound to be a lot of creative pursuits in store for many business owners, one such kind is with the help of drones. Amazon and UPS have started tests for using drones in helping them deliver the order of their customers, and yes, it is a very innovative endeavor however it appears to be only applicable in theory, for now. (Note that not every country today is open to the concept of drones flying in and around a city as many see them as a nuisance or distraction especially in air space and traffic.) However, this doesn’t mean we should give up, perhaps with enough time and fewer restrictions, we could someday see our packages literally being dropped from the sky (with a parachute attached, of course) or being delivered by a sleek robot in the near future.

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